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On demand

Request a delivery agent to deliver your items, in under 20 mins he is in front of your store or home.

Same Day

Customers can choose time to get your product within 24h.

Scheduled Delivery

You can book a delivery agent to be available with you in any certain moment you choose.

Super Fleet

Request a professional delivery agent whenever you need Request a professional delivery agent whenever you need for one delivery, multiple-drops or bulk orders. We automatically dispatch the closest delivery agent to pick up your order in under 20 minutes with instant status updates for you and your customers.

Different Accessibility Options

Whenever you need a delivery agent, you just press a button in the delivery agent application or make a call through our IVR system if you don’t have internet access in your store.

Pay As You Deliver

There is no waiting to receive your money!

Our pay as you deliver model ensures you have maximum flexibility and zero commitments.


Who Can Work With Us?

If you own a restaurant, supermarket, pharmacy or  any store, You can provide a delivery service using us 

Online groups, Individual distributors and E-commerce store. 

I really can't imagine my business expanding and growing if Presto wasn't there for me. I am always ready to deliver to any customer with Presto.
Asmaa Othman
Food Planet
Presto is always available, they have great customer service, really reliable and highly recommended.
Reem Mahmoud
I have always suffered to deliver products to customers, sometimes I even deliver by myself. Now I just press a button then I find Presto in front of my door. Excellent service!
Nada Ezz eldien
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Increase your revenues by 100% in just 3 Months!

Using our service allowed our partners to save up to 80% in costs and reduce their delivery time by 20 minutes.

Our mission

 To empower and connect the emerging communities together, fueling their growth, helping them with their digital transformation, ultimately cultivating the next wave e-commerce leaders in our fast growing emerging markets.